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Barre Base Anywhere

On-demand barre, pilates & yoga classes.

$30nzd per month after a 7-day free trial.

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On-demand barre, pilates & yoga classes.

Barre Base Anywhere offers powerful barre & pilates classes and mindful yoga sessions — anywhere, anytime.

With 15-60 minute videos, Barre Base Anywhere helps you integrate movement into your busy day. Tailor your workout to your energy levels or mix and match classes for a bespoke workout experience.

Keep it fresh with multiple class styles, intensity levels & weekly classes

With over 250+ recordings and new weekly classes, you can experience the benefits of your practice at home or on the go – and all you need is a chair!

Pilates meets strength training

New to barre?

Pilates meets strength training

Barre classes combine Pilates, Yoga and body-weight strength training, designed to improve strength, posture and mobility. From gentle and mindful strength exercises to fiery workouts to help you blow off some steam.

Mobility and Yoga classes

Move with freedom

Mobility and Yoga classes

Our mobility and stretch classes are broken down to focus on different parts of the body – whether you need to improve posture, loosen the legs, or just mindfully move your entire body after a challenging day.

Meet Rosa

Your teacher

Meet Rosa

Rosa established Barre Base in 2015, a successful barre studio based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Rosa has a passion for teaching and encouraging people to move with strength and confidence. Her extensive dance and sporting backgrounds, coupled with barre and yoga training, means Rosa's classes are dynamic, powerful, yet mindful in nature.

"BBA is such an amazing resource to have in my exercise toolkit. I can take it anywhere and there’s something for every need, whether it be a great burn or a much-needed stretch. I’ve got my Mum hooked, and my Dad has now started too!"

Olivia Harrison, Dunedin, New Zealand

"Rosa has created a bank of bite-sized sessions that can be accessed whenever you have the time and from wherever you are. All you need is yourself, a chair and some space. The workouts are delivered in the most professional yet personable way and while each video certainly packs a punch, the sequences are noticeably thoughtful and clear. It's a luxury having such effective and safe strength and flexibility work at my fingertips. I couldn't recommend more."

Georgia O'Malley, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Love love love BBA. So many different options for when I feel like something slow and mindful, or to really feel a burn. Rosa has the most calming voice, and the videos themselves are so beautiful. An absolute lifesaver throughout lockdown and the busy-ness afterwards; could not recommend more! Rosa also has the best music taste in the playlists."

Libby Sycamore, Auckland, New Zealand

"The pace at which you move and teach at via an online platform is so bang on. I’ve been injured many times, done tons of physio and other rehabilitation and need barre and Pilates-based classes to maintain a relatively pain-free life. During covid, I tried so many online trials and classes because the sedentary life made pain return and was never satisfied but needed the motivation of a platform rather than doing my own movement. Literally cried happy tears once I started your trial and finally found a program that was intelligently planned and executed in a way that’s so cognisant of how we move our bodies."

Kay Sarafincian, Canada

Move with strength and freedom – anywhere, anytime

Workout on your watch, and experience the benefits of Barre Base at home or on the go.

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On-demand barre, yoga & mobility classes.

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