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See why our members love Barre Base Anywhere.

Emma Maguire

Dunedin, New Zealand

Barre Base has been a game-changer for me, and now with Barre Base Anywhere, I have access to these amazing workouts whenever I cannot make it into the studio. I love the variety of classes, you can always find a workout to suit - whether that’s a tough burn, a slow flow or some mobility work. No matter the class I always feel good afterwards. I particularly love that there are Livestream classes included, which have a slightly different vibe, and it’s a way to connect to the Barre Base Anywhere community. The workout challenges are also a favourite, it’s a great way to get motivated and try new classes. Rosa is an amazing instructor, and super friendly and approachable. I 100% recommend Barre Base Anywhere. You will not regret giving it a go.

Kay Sarafincian


I am a trained/professional dance teacher, my area has been ballet and jazz exam classes and technique and strengthening. Also a 200hr yoga and a barre instructor in Calgary at a studio called Barre West. So, am PARTICULAR about what I will pay money for and what I expect from movement classes. Your online program is exceptional. The anatomy, cueing, class planning and choice of movement pattern, clarity of your speech, all of it is extremely well done and the level of professionalism is great.

Georgia O'Malley

Christchurch, New Zealand

Rosa has created a bank of bite-sized sessions that can be accessed whenever you have the time and from wherever you are. All you need is yourself, a chair and some space. The workouts are delivered in the most professional yet personable way and while each video certainly packs a punch, the sequences are noticeably thoughtful and clear. It's a luxury having such effective and safe strength and flexibility work at my fingertips. I couldn't recommend more.

Emily Morris

Dunedin, New Zealand

I have attended Barre classes for many years but after having my baby switched to Barre Base Anywhere. Rosa has created a library of workouts that are challenging, restorative, breath-focused and fun all at the same time. It is also incredibly good value for such a high calibre of workouts. These classes complemented my running for years and now that I am postpartum, they are helping me rebuild my strength in a slow, mindful and safe way. It’s great to have access to these classes at any time as you don’t always know when you’ll have that spare 20-30 minutes! Highly recommend.

Sam Dolan

Mother, New Zealand

Rosa has a way of instructing without discriminating against any level of flexibility or strength, so you always feel a sense of achievement regardless of your ability.

Anonymous Member

New Zealand

I have noticed how much stronger I have become in my upper body when doing straight arm planks which is good because I am unable to do any exercises from my knees. Over the 8 years since my accident (lots of metal in my left knee and lower leg) I have worked out how to adapt to not kneeling. Most often I use a chair. Sometimes I think that makes the exercise harder, sometimes easier. But thanks to your magnificent ability in enabling us to take care of our bodies by your precise guidance I am confident that I am keeping safe. You are simply amazing Rosa. I am in awe of your wide range of skills, that enables you to so calmly and efficiently present the 14-day challenge, on top of all the challenges of your business. You are a most splendid teacher who quietly motivates, educates and keeps us safe. The content of your classes is at a different level to anything I have experienced before in my long life of activity. Congratulations, and thank you.

Mallory Anderson

Dunedin, New Zealand

Having access to 20-30 minute workouts has been such a useful tool to be able to fit exercise into my busy life as a Mum of young kids. Being able to pick and choose from the wide range of workouts was particularly helpful when I was injured. Taking part in the Barre Base Anywhere challenges that Rosa sets really helps with motivation. Barre really helps with my running. Totally recommend trying Barre Base Anywhere.

Rachel Lund

Dunedin, New Zealand

Barre Base Anywhere has captured the essence of in-studio classes, which are focused, engaging and rewarding and wrapped them into classes that can be attended anywhere the internet stretches. I have thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility of working out to these top-quality recordings around my hectic work and new-mum schedule. The 20-30 min format works effortlessly with my timetable and makes it achievable to find time to feel a burn, breathe and reconnect. The coaching provided by Rosa throughout the recordings helps to maintain focus and mind-body connection. These online classes have helped me to regain my strength postpartum! Great online platform. Highly recommend!

Saskia Dittman


Barre Base Anywhere is fun and beneficial for my health at the same time. Rosa takes outstanding care of the members and makes sure that everyone is motivated to challenge themselves. I am very grateful to be part of the Barre Base Anywhere community from Germany!

Kassandra Lynne

Photographer and Event Organiser

I have been following along the workout guide for a few months now and have noticed a profound difference in my stamina with barre exercises, how toned I look and feel, and my overall mood and energy levels. Barre is such a wonderful compliment to my yoga practice and to my career as a photographer. I am often in horrible posture positions or crunching up my shoulders or crouching in weird ways to take photos and I find myself correcting my posture and stance behind the camera a lot more these days. I've also got an incredible arsenal of after-work stretch and strength exercises to help ground down and unwind from long event days thanks to you. I sincerely appreciate all of the hard work you do to make Barre Base so accessible to all of us, so grateful! Thank you thank you thank you!

Libby Sycamore

Auckland, New Zealand

Love love love BBA. So many different options for when I feel like something slow and mindful, or to really feel a burn. Rosa has the most calming voice, and the videos themselves are so beautiful. An absolute lifesaver throughout lockdown and the busy-ness afterwards; could not recommend more! Rosa also has the best music taste in the playlists.

Maree Frost

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

I really appreciate Rosa’s instruction and detail in getting the right muscle activation. I have been able to recommend quite a few of my patients who want to progress to an online programme, as most of the classes are pelvic floor safe.

Olivia Harrison

Dunedin, New Zealand

BBA is such an amazing resource to have in my exercise toolkit. I can take it anywhere and there’s something for every need, whether it be a great burn or a much-needed stretch. I’ve got my Mum hooked, and my Dad has now started too!

Kay Sarafincian


The pace at which you move and teach at via an online platform is so bang on. I’ve been injured many times, done tons of physio and other rehabilitation and need barre and Pilates-based classes to maintain a relatively pain-free life. During covid, I tried so many online trials and classes because the sedentary life made pain return and was never satisfied but needed the motivation of a platform rather than doing my own movement. Literally cried happy tears once I started your trial and finally found a program that was intelligently planned and executed in a way that’s so cognisant of how we move our bodies.

Tamlyn Schaffer

Dunedin, New Zealand

I’ve absolutely loved Barre Base Anywhere! Having two young children at home means I can’t always get out to the gym or classes. Barre Base Anywhere allows me to do little workouts at home in between my work and the kid's schedules. The classes are for all levels and abilities and I really enjoy the huge variety available. I recommend this to everyone! Even those who make it to the classes and gym. It’s so affordable and you can do as much or as little as you want. It’s super flexible! I love it!

Stella MacGregor

Dunedin, New Zealand

Thank you Rosa for this amazing platform to move and look after not just our bodies but our minds as well. Rosa's confident, knowledgeable, all-inclusive delivery of these classes is just fantastic. I love that she caters for absolutely everyone, from the absolute beginner like me to those who have been following this type of practice for years. There is such a huge variety of classes to choose from, so you really can pick and choose depending on what mood you are in. We all can find 30, let's face it, so choose to find your 30 with Rosa and Barre Base Anywhere.

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