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Barre Base Anywhere Members: Gabrielle Devereux

Rosa Anderson - Jones
Barre Base Anywhere Members: Gabrielle Devereux

What is most inspiring about running a business is that you can engage and work with so many other creatives.

Gabrielle Devereux is one of these inspiring creatives, and the photographer behind our Barre Base Anywhere brand. What made working with Gabrielle so special, was that she was a Barre Base Anywhere member and had a personal insight into our ethos before the shoot. Gabrielle has a way of capturing one's true essence – she brings a fun and artful style to her shoots, offering a truly unique style.

I caught up with Gabrielle to learn a little more about how her passion for photography took flight.

How did you become interested in photography?

Since I was young, I have always been interested in photography. I would take so many (probably terrible) photos on my family digital camera or a classic disposable camera. It wasn’t until I started studying Communication Design where we did a photography paper that I knew this was something I wanted to do. My study gave me opportunities to work with fashion students and photograph iD Dunedin which made me realise how much I enjoyed fashion photography, in particular.

How would you describe your style?

Outdoorsy-summery-film? Sunlight plays a huge part in my work. I love how sunlight changes the way everything looks and adds another element to the photo. I use mostly film for my photography which always excites me not knowing how the image will look until it's been developed.

What style of photography do you do the most?

I do a lot of fashion/portraiture but have recently been doing more product photography which I have been enjoying. I would love to expand and explore product photography further.

What do you love the most about being behind a camera?

My favourite thing would have to be working with clients. I love meeting new people and creating things together. It’s really special. I feel lucky to have worked with such amazing people!

I think my favourite shoots, however, have been portraits for friends. It’s great creating content for my friends where we can all collaborate and create something to suit their style.

What do you enjoy the most about Barre Base Anywhere, and why does it suit you to exercise at home?

I love that I can do Barre Base Anywhere whenever, wherever I want. Whether it’s at my flat here in Auckland or my parent's house in the middle of nowhere in central Otago. Barre Base Anywhere works well for me as I am more of a do it when suits me, kind of person haha. It means I can open my laptop when I feel like doing a workout and do one! Easy. Living in Auckland, Barre Base Anywhere makes me feel like I’m connected to my hometown of Dunedin too – which is nice.

What is your favourite Barre Base Anywhere series and why?

Ooh that’s tricky! It changes constantly depending on my mood but currently, my favourite BBA series are either Barre Base Burn or Glute Grit. I find these series offer a great workout to do on my days off from running as they help build up my strength. They hurt, but in a good way ha!

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