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5 ways barre improved my health and wellness

Kate Hyland
5 ways barre improved my health and wellness

For those already hooked on barre, it’s no secret the benefits go far beyond getting fit.

I still remember the early days of trying barre for the first time. I’d never known my legs to burn in quite the same way before (IYKYK), and the amazing feeling of balance and strength that followed with regular training.

But there’s so much more to barre. Some years later, I'm still amazed by all the ways it supports my health and wellness. For me, barre is the best of all worlds, drawing inspiration from dance, yoga, and other fitness disciplines to offer something really unique and holistic. I think everyone can find something that speaks to them, and their body’s needs, through barre.

How has barre enriched your life? Here are 5 of the (possibly endless) ways it's improved mine.

#1 – Posture awareness

Barre’s helped me stand taller and straighter. The classes teach you to move with elegance and length, but always from a strong base, just like a dancer. I’ve found repeating these movements helps my body subconsciously understand what it feels like to hold good posture. So, if my posture slips, it’s like a tiny alarm goes off telling my body something’s wrong – and to correct how I’m sitting, or standing, or walking.

For anyone who works a desk job, this is so vital. Anything we can do to reduce hunching over our desks is well worth the effort.

#2 – Core strength

Core strength is a real journey for me. I've always had trouble building my lower abs, which have never been as strong as other parts of my core.

Some fitness classes I've done have worsened this imbalance, especially fast-paced workouts. But barre is much more mindful, and really helps you tune in and focus on these sorts of bodily quirks at a safe and sensible pace.

Being barre-fit really means being core-fit. The classes help me stay mindful and protect the lower back while gradually building the lower core.

#3 – Arm strength

Maybe not the first thing that comes to mind, however barre really does wonders for the arms.

It's amazing how much work is happening, even if you don't realise it. For example, holding your arm out to the side while you plié (that glute burn is a great distraction from the other work occurring!)

Last year I did a boxing bootcamp and was really surprised how easily I could hold my arms up for long periods. Undoubtedly, this was a result of all that sneaky Barre Base arm work.

#4 – Balance and stability

A greater sense of balance allows you to do so many things. Whether it's standing up during a rocky bus ride, surfing a wave, or accomplishing a tricky yoga pose – improved stability can feel like a superpower.

I've recently been spending a lot of time in nature, and for me, this is where I notice it most. Tramping and step on a wobbly rock? Rafting and need to walk over boats? Rock climbing and stretching to a new hold? A good sense of stability makes light work of these obstacles.

#5 – Relaxation and mental clarity

Last on this list, but certainly not least important.

I’ve been a member of Barre Base Anywhere since the early days of COVID-19. Like everyone else, the pandemic brought a lot of bad energy into my life. But the launch of BBA was a true silver-lining during this time.

The classes provided a much-needed reminder to tune in with breath and take moments for myself. I'd often find myself lying for several minutes after a class in deep relaxation, which was so important at that stressful time.

Taking this time is like hitting reset and provides clarity of thought in the hours that follow. It's one of my favourite things about barre – though, as you can see, it’s just one of so many others.

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