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Introducing our new series, Gentle Barre

Rosa Anderson - Jones
Introducing our new series, Gentle Barre

Gentle Barre takes a slow and steady approach to our barre workouts, with fewer reps, mindful movements, and a large focus on the breath. We weave stretching with our favourite barre and pilates-inspired movements.

New to barre workouts? Recovering from an injury? Are you post-partum and looking to regain strength? Or do you suffer from joint sensitivities? Then Gentle Barre is for you.

Barre classes are low-impact - however, a tough barre class can be difficult to jump straight into if you are just getting back into exercise after some time.

Gentle Barre is our answer, offering the ballet-inspired strength training that we love and are famous for, without the intense repetitions.

Gentle Barre is a combination of barre strengthening work with stretch. The class weaves stretching, breathing and self-care into your favourite barre moves. We take a slow and steady approach to our barre movements, with fewer repetitions and more time for working on mobility and mindfulness.

Gentle Barre is perfect for those who want to feel the heat, without too much repetition. The pace of the class allows time for mind-muscle connection and is fantastic for injury recovery, or those with joint pain.

Gentle Barre 1 - Lower Body Flow Gentle Barre 2 - Core & Glutes
Gentle Barre 3 - Gentle Centre
Gentle Barre 4 - Side Length & Strength

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