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Introducing our new series, Glute Grit

Rosa Anderson - Jones
Introducing our new series, Glute Grit

We are so excited to share with you our new series, Glute Grit. A series that will truly pack a punch, these classes will move in a slow and steady way giving you no reason to not feel the booty burn.

Glute Grit is a floor-based class focused on strengthening and stabilising our glute muscles for power and injury prevention. Classes are designed to move in a slow and steady fashion to target all corners of the glutes – from our powerhouse glute max muscle, to our smaller and more intricate stabilising muscles.

Having strong glutes muscles can help to prevent injuries. Having strong, functional glute and hip muscles can help you avoid injury in your lower back, hips, knees, and ankles by creating proper alignment and stability. ​ Strong glutes can also improve atheletic performance in your barre classes, or other physical pursuits! All functional movement patterns require the power and stability of the glutes and hips. Developing strength your glutes, hips, and posterior chain will allow you to perform other movements more effectively – with greater balance, power and performance.

The glutes also play a major role in our of socities most pervading issues, poor posture!

When your glutes, hips, and core are strong and stable, you can avoid common dysfunctional movement patterns that cause pain, and poor posture. When your lower body and pelvis are also in alignment, you will have a greater ability to keep your shoulders, neck, and back in a better alignment (it's a chain effect!) Modern-day desk jobs have definitely contributed to postural imbalances. Sitting at a desk all day can lead to weak or “sleepy” glutes and shortened hip flexors.

But the good news is, Barre Base Anywhere is here to help!

We decided to offer a floor-based series that works on the foundations of our standing barre and yoga series. This way, we can find further stablity through the floor and mat, with simple yet powerful movements that will allow us to find a greater mind-to-muscle connection. Once the foundations have been established, you will be able to gain even more from standing and more functional movements.

Glute Grit is a fun, powerful and playful series that will leave your glutes feeling the fire!

Try the first of our Glute Grit series, To the Max. We cannot wait to hear your thoughts.

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