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Introducing our new series, Stretch and Lengthen

Rosa Anderson - Jones
Introducing our new series, Stretch and Lengthen

We've brought one of our studio favourites to your living room. You can now take some time to tune in, and tune up, with Stretch and Lengthen on-demand.

Stretch and Lenghten brings a major focus on self care, combining deep stretching, breath and myofascial release. This class uses yoga principles to combine stretching with breath and mindfulness in order to effectively stretch overworked or chronically tight muscles. Maintain your body's youthfulness, prevent injury and relieve stress with this explorative and relaxing class.

Stretch and Lengthen caters to athletes wanting to increase their mobility, and those who may lead a more sedentary lifestyle due to their work or certain circumstances!

Many of our Barre Base Anywhere regulars have noticed improvements in their flexibility within weeks of doing their online classes, which they have said has helped with many day to day activities around the house, at the gym or in their running, and even simply, with their self-confidence!

Improved flexibility, and having a full range-of-motion, ensures that joints are moving freely, which can lead to improved posture and can reduce the chance of exercise-related injury.

Beyond flexibility, however, is one of the more powerful benefits that Barre Base Anywhere and our Stretch & Lengthen series can offer — stress management.

Barre Base Anywhere allows you the time to take a conscious breath from the comfort of your home, giving you time to pause, reflect and perhaps feel your breath inside your body for the first time all day. Tension and stress will never totally go away in our lives. The ebbs and flows of life, the weather or personal experiences bring these feelings on. The learning here, however, is that these classes give you the tools to deal with these feelings. To identify them, to move with them, to breathe and to begin to let them go. Like anything, the more practised you are at doing this, the quicker you’ll find relief each time.

Jump on in.

  • Stretch & Lengthen 1 - Neck and Shoulders
  • Stretch & Lengthen 2 - Heart Openers
  • Stretch & Lengthen 3 - Hip Openers
  • Stretch & Lengthen 4 - Hamstring Stretch Sequence
  • Stretch & Lengthen 5- Spinal Awakening
  • Stretch & Lengthen 6 - Lower Back Love
  • Stretch & Lengthen 7 - Lower Leg Love
  • Stretch & Lengthen 8 - Glute Release
  • Stretch & Lengthen 9 - Stretching for Sitters

On-demand barre, yoga & mobility classes.

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