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Introducing our on-demand series, Yoga Barre

Rosa Anderson - Jones
Introducing our on-demand series, Yoga Barre

We introduced Yoga Barre to the studio to encourage more upper-body strength work, mobility, and increasing our range of motion. The ballet barre (or chair) is also a fantastic tool to help us stay balanced as we move in and out of yoga flows.

Yoga Barre class combines barre moves for your upper body, thighs and glutes with athletic, vinyasa-style yoga for flexibility, balance and energy. With a combined focus on mindfulness and strength, we work on toning your deep core while keeping your mind focused and relaxed.

This class is yoga-based and will introduce you to vinyasa-style yoga. However, the beauty yoga/pilates blended class is that we equally focus on gaining control and strength, while increasing our range of motion in a safe way.

Barre and pilates will truly transform your yoga practice.

The goal of Yoga Barre is to help you achieve a deeper awareness and understanding of your core, or your powerhouse. At Barre Base, we always stress that the core is far more than the 6-pack. The true goal is to understand how to engage and strengthen the transversus abdominis (the deepest layer of abs that wrap around the torso horizontally), the obliques, the lower back muscles, and the pelvic floor during fluid movements. By doing so, you develop a strong, corset-like support system that protects your body from injury.

The core is the body’s centre of gravity; it is composed of the muscles of the lower abdomen, lower back, glutes, and pelvic floor. Not only will you strengthen your core, but you will learn to consciously tap into a new level of power that will help you move through yoga postures with greater stability and better alignment.

A stronger core transfers to greater control over your movements; discovering a deeper connection with your midline of strength and stability, allowing you to glide in and out of poses with fluidity and grace.

Yoga Barre offers our on-demand members a beautifully balanced workout, with an equal focus on strength, balance and relaxation.

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