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Looking for the best online barre workout for your needs?

Rosa Anderson - Jones
Looking for the best online barre workout for your needs?

Barre Base Anywhere is full of variety when it comes to the best online barre platform to meet your diverse needs. We've broken down the different online barre workouts on Barre Base Anywhere, so you can decide what series is best for you.

Everyone is on their own personal journey. And the more we become tuned in to our bodies, the more we understand that our needs change – even daily!

Barre Base Anywhere offers a diverse variety of barre, pilates and yoga-inspired workouts. This variety is key for ensuring you can work to your ability, feel challenged, but also take a slow-and-steady approach to barre workouts when required.

We break down the best online barre workout for your needs.

I am looking for a classic online barre workout.

Look no further than Barre Base Burn.

The Barre Base Burn series covers some of our classic barre exercises — from our favourite standing tracks, to an assortment of core, glute, arms and floor exercises. These tracks are set at an intermediate level, but we offer regressions and levels throughout. This is a great way to get a feel for the 'barre burn' that Barre Base is famous for!

We offer so many options along the way, so even if you are new to barre classes, you will very quickly feel comfortable with the style and barre technique.

I am looking for a more gentle barre class

Gentle Barre takes a slow and steady approach to our barre workouts, with fewer reps, mindful movements, and a large focus on the breath. We weave stretching with our favourite barre and pilates-inspired movements.

New to barre workouts? Recovering from an injury? Are you post-partum and looking to regain strength? Or do you suffer from joint sensitivities? Then Gentle Barre is for you.

Barre classes are low-impact - however, a tough barre class can be difficult to jump straight into if you are just getting back into exercise after some time. Gentle Barre is our answer, offering the ballet-inspired strength training that we love and are famous for, without the intense repetitions.

I really love challenging online barre classes

You would love our on-demand barre class, Barre Breakdown! If you are looking for a strong at-home barre workout, then our Barre Breakdown series is for you.

Barre Breakdown is a challenging online barre workout – best suited for intermediate barre or pilates practitioners, or for those who are drawn to powerful workouts. Movements are still low-impact and simple but will move with a little more pace and depth compared to our other barre series.

I like the barre heat, but also like to go slow at times

We have two options for those who sit on the fence!

First up, you should try our online barre series Strength and Freedom. A combination of strength and stretch, this class focuses on both strengthening and stretching different areas of your body for total full-body mobility. This class is perfect if you struggle with mobility, or if you prefer to stretch while you're feeling warm and energised.

If you enjoy a more breath-focused class, then you will love Yoga Barre. Yoga Barre combines barre moves for your upper body, thighs and glutes with athletic, vinyasa-style yoga for flexibility, balance and energy. With a combined focus on mindfulness and strength, we work on toning your deep core while keeping your mind focused and relaxed.

I want a targeted core workout

Our on-demand core workout series, Explore Your Core, takes a holistic approach to exercising your core – including working our vital core, pelvic floor, inner thigh and glute muscles. This class will start with a focus on making space through deep breathing and mobility, followed by mindful abdominal exercises for all levels.

This on-demand workout is great after a walk or a run, or you can add 20 minutes onto your favourite barre workout to truly achieve a complete full-body workout!

I want a targeted glute workout

Glute Grit is such a fun online barre series! We stay on the mat for the entire class and work on our foundations. Glute Grit will truly build the heat in the glutes, working to strengthen and stabilise our glute muscles for power and injury prevention.

I do a lot of exercise and need an online stretch class to wind down

Barre classes can be intense! If you are a barre-lover, it's important to ensure you are giving back to your body with mindful mobility and targeted stretching.

To keep your barre body happy and healthy, we introduced two mobility series – Stretch and Lengthen, and Roll and Release.

Stretch & Lengthen uses yoga principles to combine stretching with breath and mindfulness in order to effectively stretch overworked or chronically tight muscles. Maintain your body's youthfulness, prevent injury and relieve stress with this explorative and relaxing class.

Inspired by fitness and yoga guru Jill Miller, Roll & Release offers you a deeper understanding of your body, demonstrating the powerful use of trigger point massage balls to facilitate self-massage and myofascial release. This series is perfect for athletes, to those who live a more sedentary life.

"Barre Base Anywhere is such a great workout! Not only is it such a fun class, but I have gained so much strength, flexibility and greater self-confidence since I started! Every class is different, making the workout so much more interesting and enjoyable. With Barre Base Anywhere you can choose what area you wish to work on, and even the style of workout. I love being able to do a Barre Breakdown class when I am feeling pumped, or take a Stretch class to unwind after a busy day! Rosa is amazing at making everyone feel strong by giving varied options for different moves, whether you want to take the harder option or you need a break, we are always made to feel accomplished after every class!" – Jasmine Anderson

On-demand barre, yoga & mobility classes.

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