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Love a strong barre workout? Look no further than Barre Breakdown

Rosa Anderson - Jones
Love a strong barre workout? Look no further than Barre Breakdown

Sometimes the best way to shift energy is to fire up the heart rate and sweat. If you are looking for a strong at-home barre workout, then our Barre Breakdown series is for you.

Barre Breakdown is a challenging barre series – best suited for intermediate barre or pilates practitioners, or for those who are drawn to powerful workouts. Movements are still low-impact and simple but will move with a little more pace and depth compared to our other barre series.

Here is what you can expect from Barre Breakdown, our most powerful on-demand barre series.

Strengthen your deep core

Your core is more than just those superficial '6-pack' muscles, and simple barre conditioning and bodyweight exercises can be used to engage all of them. Our classes have a huge focus on strengthening your deep core and pelvic floor muscles, but Barre Breakdown requires an added level of core engagement to endure more powerful movements.

Learning to better connect with your deep core can improve posture, decrease back pain, give you more confidence with higher-intensity movements, and help improve any weaknesses or pelvic floor dysfunction you may have.

Increase your strength and power

Barre classes have a huge focus on building strength in a safe way. Feeling strong in our bodies is hugely empowering, and learning to find gratitude for the strength we have (irrespective of how our strength “looks” beside someone else’s). Barre classes allow you to grow stronger week to week. From your base level, not some else’s.

Increase your mind-body connection

Barre classes can improve muscular activation for frequently underused muscles by strengthening the neuromuscular (mind-body) connection. Paying attention to how your body is moving and activating can help you gain so much more out of your workout!

Give this series a go if you love the barre burn!

First up in the series, Barre Breakdown - Thigh Power. Jump in!

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