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New to Barre Base Anywhere? Here's where to start!

Rosa Anderson - Jones
New to Barre Base Anywhere? Here's where to start!

Barre Base Anywhere brings powerful barre, pilates and yoga workouts to your living room. Our main goal is to make movement accessible. Our affordable online platform allows you to strengthen, tone and mobilise your body from home with simple, and low-impact exercises. And the best thing? You only need a chair.

Barre Base Anywhere classes combine ballet conditioning exercises with pilates, yoga, and functional body-weight training. Alongside traditional barre classes, we offer yoga-fusion classes and stretch and mobility sessions — offering a balanced series of classes for our online members.

Since we launched in 2020, we've created a pretty stacked line-up of on-demand classes. So if you're new here, we know this can be a little overwhelming.

We've broken down the classes to start with if you're new to Barre Base Anywhere and on-demand barre and yoga workouts.

Workouts best suited to beginners

Gentle Barre

Our Gentle Barre series is a lovely place to start if you're new to barre or pilates exercise. Gentle Barre takes a slow and steady approach to our barre workouts, with fewer reps, mindful movements, and a large focus on the breath. We weave stretching with our favourite barre and pilates-inspired movements.

This series is still a great workout, but we take a little extra time to stretch between movements.

Strength and Freedom

A combination of strength and stretch, Strength and Freedom focuses on both strengthening and stretching different areas of your body for total full-body mobility. This class is perfect if you struggle with mobility, or if you prefer to stretch while you're feeling warm and energised.

Explore Your Core

Explore Your Core is a great foundational series. Explore Your Core takes a holistic approach to exercising your core – including working our vital core, pelvic floor, inner thigh and glute muscles. This class will start with a focus on making space through deep breathing and mobility, followed by mindful abdominal exercises for all levels.

It is tough, so just rest when you need to. With core work, it's more about HOW you are doing something rather than what you are doing. When going through the videos, slow things down where you need to. Often slower is better!

Glute Grit

Glute Grit is a floor-based class focused on strengthening and stabilising our glute muscles for power and injury prevention. Glute Strength is vital for core and pelvic floor though, and it's indirectly strengthening the entire core unit. This series is tough, but since the movements are all on the floor, it's a great way to build your foundations! Remember that you can always choose to rest sooner than my cues. As always, listen to your body.

Barre Base Burn

This series is a demonstration of our classic barre workouts at Barre Base. Workouts #1 and #2 are classic full-body barre workouts. They move slowly too, so time for breath and mind/body connection. The rest of the series is a little more targeted (glutes, arms, and core).

Stretch & Lengthen

This is the series that you and your whole family need. Stretch & Lengthen uses yoga principles to combine stretching with breath and mindfulness to effectively stretch overworked or chronically tight muscles. Maintain your body's youthfulness, prevent injury and relieve stress with this explorative and relaxing class.

The series is broken down into different focuses – from neck and shoulders, glutes, hamstrings... and even a class specifically for desk sitters. Bliss.

This class offers options for all levels - regardless of how stiff and tight you might feel. If you feel tight, you need this series!

Yoga Barre and Flow

If you are new to yoga, then we suggest building your way into both Yoga Barre and Flow. They're lovely because they focus equally on strength and mobility, however, our 'barre' workouts are a little more simplistic in terms of the choreography. If you want to give yoga a go though, go for it! It's so wonderful for the mind and body. You don't have to perfect the moves on the first go (or ever), and you can always watch and learn, and give it another try. Remember, the main goal of yoga is to find what feels good.

Our Yoga Barre Core and Floor Flow class is Beginner friendly.

Overall, barre is low impact, with a big focus on breath and safely gaining strength. Our members are from all walks of life – and all ages and stages can benefit from our workouts.

All of our on-demand classes are 20-30 minutes in length, which are perfect for beginners! Doing shorter workouts will ensure you don't fatigue too quickly, giving you more time to focus on your technique, and moving well. In turn, this will ensure you get the most out of your workout!

Please reach out at hello@barrebaseanywhere.co.nz if you have any questions. I am always here to help!

I cannot wait to hear how you get on.

On-demand barre, yoga & mobility classes.

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