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On-demand barre and pilates classes through New Zealand's Lockdown

Rosa Anderson - Jones
On-demand barre and pilates classes through New Zealand's Lockdown

Technology amid a pandemic is a wonderful thing. Although we are all required to stay at home and isolate, we can still move, bend and breathe together as a community.

Barre Base Anywhere offers on-demand and LIVE barre, pilates and yoga classes – making it simple and easy to integrate movement into your busy day.

Here's just a few of the wonderful reviews and feedback from our members.

Jasmine Anderson

"Barre Base Anywhere is such a great workout! Not only is it such a fun class, but I have gained so much strength, flexibility and greater self-confidence since I started going! Every class is different, making the workout so much more interesting and enjoyable. I love this so much, and with Barre Base Anywhere you can choose what area you wish to work on and even the style of workout. I love being able to do a Barre Sweat class when I am feeling pumped, or doing a Stretch and Lengthen class to unwind after a busy day! Rosa is amazing at making everyone feel strong by giving varied options for different moves, whether you want to take the harder option or you need a break, we are always made to feel accomplished after every class! I love the low impact style that Barre Base uses while still giving you such a good burn! I generally just feel 100 times better after every class I do!"

Phoebe Begg

"I find Barre Base Anywhere an excellent way to strengthen, target and maintain important postural muscles in the privacy of my own home. I can feel the benefits and improved technique to any running/walking or other exercise activities I do. The short-length videos are designed so you can really focus on correct muscle engagement. BBA works especially well for someone like me who lives rurally and struggles to find time to fit in gym classes. Love it!"

Effie Johnston

"As a working mum, I can’t always get into the studio as often as I’d like or at a time that suits. Barre Base Anywhere perfectly compliments in-studio classes and allows me to get my workouts in. I love that I can pick a workout targeted to what needs attention, work at my own pace, and rewind and replay movements for clarity. The selection of workouts is so varied, each with a different focus. They are short enough to layer together to really achieve a great workout (although some certainly pack a punch individually!). Rosa’s instruction & attention to detail allow confidence throughout each session, and the Monthly Workout Guides take the guesswork out of it if you’re unsure of where to begin. I can’t recommend BBA enough!"

Jo Neilson

"Barre Base Anywhere offers short pilates and yoga based workouts that pack a real punch! All you need is a mat and a chair, then Rosa will guide you through precise and focused classes which target specific areas of the body. You will develop so much strength and fitness in the comfort of your own home, while having the option to repeat classes or select multiple sessions for a longer burn. Barre Base Anywhere is the perfect option for anyone who wants to improve their holistic health and sense of wellbeing."

Tamlyn Schafer

"I’ve absolutely loved Barre Base Anywhere! Having two young children at home means I can’t always get out to the gym or classes. Barre Base Anywhere allows me to do little workouts at home in between my work and the kid's schedules. Rosa seems to always start up a challenge just when I’m slacking off a bit. This gets me motivated again and I can fit in classes every day. The classes are for all levels and abilities and I really enjoy the huge variety available. I recommend this to everyone! Even those who make it to the classes and gym. It’s so affordable and you can do as much or as little as you want. It’s super flexible! I love it!"

Georgia O'Malley

"Rosa has created a bank of bite-sized sessions that can be accessed whenever 'you' have the time and from wherever 'you' are. All you need is yourself, a chair and some space. The workouts are delivered in the most professional yet personable way and while each video certainly packs a punch, the sequences are noticeably thoughtful and clear. It's a luxury having such effective and safe strength and flexibility work at my fingertips. I couldn't recommend more."

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On-demand barre, yoga & mobility classes.

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