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Introducing our brand new Pilates Strength Programme

Rosa Anderson - Jones
Introducing our brand new Pilates Strength Programme

The Power of Pilates & Strength Training Collides

Introducing our new 6-Week Pilates Strength Programme.

This programme combines the benefits of Pilates with Strength & Conditioning to build muscle, increase bone density and feel empowered in your body.

Across 6 weeks, expect to progressively train your leg & glute strength, core stabilisation, upper body strength and full-body conditioning.

We will train weights twice weekly alongside our regular barre and yoga sessions. These sessions include a lower-body and an upper-body session, which will be added to your workout library from March 18th.

Our Method

This comprehensive programme combines the core-strengthening benefits of Pilates with the muscle-building effects of weight training – offering a balanced and sustainable programme that has a strong emphasis on technique.

Pilates warms up the body and helps us establish a greater mind-to-muscle connection.

Strength training helps us build more muscle mass and strength, increases our bone density, and improves our metabolic health.

By combining Pilates and weight training, individuals can experience a holistic approach to fitness that addresses strength, flexibility, balance, and injury prevention, resulting in a more well-rounded and functional body.

What you will need

Firstly, this whole programme can be done without any props. Bodyweight work is very powerful and might be a perfect way to start this programme if you are new to strength work, recovering from injury or recently postpartum.

Across the 6-weeks, we will aim to add more load to our movements. As we gain strength, we will try to increase the weights we are using. So if possible, it'd be great if you had a variation of dumbbells/kettlebells. There will be an intro video where I explain this more in detail.

If you're keen to introduce strength training into your workout routine, with a HUGE focus on technique and safety, we'd love for you to join us.

We offer a 7-day free trial and access to our workouts and online community is just $30nzd per month, cancel any time.

Join us online for a 7-day free trial https://app.barrebaseanywhere.co.nz/join/

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