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What our members love about Barre Base Anywhere

Rosa Anderson - Jones
What our members love about Barre Base Anywhere

We spoke to some of our members to learn what they love about Barre Base Anywhere and online barre training. From busy mothers, to shift workers, it is so rewarding to see people from all walks of life moving with strength and freedom, from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Maree Frost, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

"I really appreciate Rosa’s instruction and detail in getting the right muscle activation. I have been able to recommend quite a few of my patients who want to progress to an online programme, as most of the classes are pelvic floor safe or can be adapted to be safer on a vulnerable pelvic floor. E.g those with vaginal prolapse or incontinence issues. I can easily direct them to modify certain movements which may overload the pelvic floor, especially at the beginning of their journey. Well done on providing a polished Barre service."

Tamlyn Schaffer, Mother and Business Owner

I’ve absolutely loved Barre Base Anywhere! Having two young children at home means I can’t always get out to the gym or classes. Barre Base Anywhere allows me to do little workouts at home in between my work and the kids schedules. The classes are for all levels and abilities and I really enjoy the huge variety available. I recommend this to everyone! Even those who make it to the classes and gym. It’s so affordable and you can do as much or as little as you want. It’s super flexible! I love it!

Gabrielle Devereux, Freelance Photographer

"Barre Base Anywhere has been the best thing for me. Going through surgery earlier in the year, barre base anywhere helped me build up my strength again from the comfort of my own home."

Jade Brett, Mother

"Barre Base Anywhere has really changed my life. As a busy mother of 2 young girls with their after school commitments and full time job I was really struggling to find time for me. I gave it a shot with the 7 day free trial and have been hooked ever since. The classes are awesome with some as short as 16 minutes all targeted to different areas of the body."

Petra Wink

"I love the variety of classes, and the uniqueness of each class. Even my favorite ones never get boring. While I very much like the convenience of planning my own sessions, I appreciate and love the motivation from live sessions and online challenges."

Sam Dolan, Mother

"I signed up to Barre Base Anywhere shortly after having my second daughter about 9 months ago. It would be fair to say I would be a bit lost without it now. Anyone with children knows how tricky it is to get into a studio or gym, so being able to do a 20-30 minute workout at home is a real lifesaver. I won’t lie, a lot of the classes I do I’ll have my kids crawling over me or demanding snacks but I feel awesome for it afterwards. Rosa has a way of instructing without discriminating against any level of flexibility or strength so you always feel a sense of achievement regardless of your ability. I truly feel so much stronger from doing these classes and have learnt heaps about the importance of pelvis stability, core and breath work. I highly recommend Barre Base Anywhere to anyone and especially those on the pre/post natal journey."

Saskia Dittman, Germany

"I love Barre Base Anywhere because the classes are so much fun and beneficial for my health at the same time. Rosa takes outstanding care of the members and makes sure that everyone is motivated to challenge themselves. Thanks to the flexibility in terms of time and place as well as the variety of classes, Barre Base can be perfectly integrated into my everyday life. I am very grateful to be part of the Barre Base Anywhere community!"

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