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5 ways to set up a successful at-home barre studio

Rosa Anderson - Jones
5 ways to set up a successful at-home barre studio

Are you looking to exercise from home? Since the pandemic, many people are opting for at-home workout solutions to stay well or enjoy some of the additional benefits that home exercise provides.

For instance, many new parents choose home workouts to avoid the hassle of childcare or simply to spend more time with the kids. Additionally, people in remote or rural areas may not have access to studios, yet want to maintain a regular workout routine.

Whatever your reason, on-demand solutions are an affordable way to stay motivated and connected to a community when you cannot exercise in a gym or studio regularly.

To make the most of your workout time at home and to stay inspired, it is helpful to set up a dedicated space for exercise — a zone that is inspiring, motivating, and your own!

The beauty of an on-demand barre workout is that don't need a lot of space or expensive equipment. In fact, with Barre Base Anywhere, all you need is a chair!

If you're a dedicated online exerciser, we have a few tips to make your at-home barre workout zone more motivating.

Find a space that will inspire activity

Your surroundings have a powerful impact on how motivated you feel. So to create a successful and regular at-home practice, your workout zone must be a space you enjoy being in.

Where possible, choose a light-filled space that is warm and comfortable.

If you are running through an online yoga or stretch class, perhaps you could light your favourite candle, and choose your favourite Spotify playlist too.

Exercising is an experience, so make it a positive one!

Invest in a mirror

While not for everybody, seeing your reflection when running through a barre or pilates-inspired workout is a great way to ensure you're moving safely.

An excellent online barre teacher should be a master at cueing good technique. These cues may be anatomical, but they also may be self-reflective. For example, "take a look at your shoulders. Are they aligned to be stacked on top of your hands?" Some of us have excellent proprioception, yet some of us need to work harder on our alignment.

Mirrors can help you get a greater understanding of how your body is moving in space, especially when the teacher is not there to adjust or correct you physically.

Invest in a beautiful and comfortable yoga mat

The positives of having a great yoga mat in your home are twofold; it offers you comfort, saving your knees from hard flooring or the risk of carpet burn. Secondly, it makes your workout feel official!

Rolling out your yoga mat is your version of "walking into the studio." It is a signal that you are dedicating time, and a space, for your self-care.

Your mat becomes the main foundation of your workout zone. It is your little magic carpet for movement.

When you love your yoga mat, it becomes easy to visualise a movement space almost anywhere. You can even carry your workout zone with you on holiday. Your workout mat is the most essential component of your workout space.

For hygiene reasons, yoga mats are easy to clean — especially if you're choosing a fiery and sweaty barre workout!

Make it known that you are heading for a workout

Suppose you run a busy household, and you're trying to slip in a workout around your family's commitments. In that case, try to make it clear that you are dedicating 20-30 minutes to yourself, and ideally, you'd prefer not to be interrupted.

However, if your child or pet-free space is not always achievable, then get your families involved! We love seeing our members and their children moving through workouts together.

The beauty of an at-home workout is the accessibility. You can carve out a time for exercising, and it doesn't need to involve finding a babysitter, commuting or hunting for a car park.

Invest in a motivating and inspiring on-demand barre studio

Choose an online barre studio that inspires you! An excellent online barre studio should offer workouts for all fitness levels. These classes should be fun, motivating, and truly pack a punch.

Find an on-demand barre platform that has a strong community and one that allows you to stay motivated and connected. If you feel a part of a group, you will be far more likely to stick to your routine and truly see results.

Inspiring online barre classes also offer Livestream or zoom workouts so that you can also stick to a timetable. The beauty of online studios is that you can work out at a time that suits you; however, having a calendar or live classes that run at specific times gives more reason to connect with your fellow online barre lovers.

Whatever your reason, home workouts offer a private and convenient alternative to gym or studio workouts. It is important, however, that you create a workout space that you love showing up to.

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